Week 05: Document Objects and Events


Before the lecture students will be presenting their designs for their tile matching game. For the lecture will be talking about the document object model (DOM) and better understand how to use JavaScript to interact with the DOM tree. We will also be covering events that can trigger code, i.e. on click, on load, on keypress, etc.

In Class Assignment

Create a grid of images and trigger an different alert when the user clicks on it. Also using change the cursor into an image of your choosing.


For our midterm we will be programming a simple tile matching game like this one. For homework I want you to design the static version of this game using either Photoshop or Illustrator. Pick a theme for this game and have the design reflect this theme. Design is part of your grad so really put some thought an effort into this. Be prepared to present your designs next week. Your game must include at least 8 tiles, have a timer, counter and a play button.