Week 01: Review of the Web, HTML and CSS


This first class lecture focuses on a review of what you should have already learned in Web Design 1: The basics of the Internet and world wide web, HTML, and CSS. We will also briefly talk about the Four D’s; Discover, Define, Design and Develop. We will also go over what to expect for the rest of the semester.

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  1. Set up a Dropbox account
  2. Buy server space if you don’t have one already. You can create an account with Dreamhost here: dreamhost.com/promo/edunyu and use the code: NYU13 for the discount.
  3. Send me the email address you used for the Dropbox account and the URL for your blog to [email protected]
  4. Design and build a one page HTML and CSS website about an interest or talent of yours. The topic you choose should inspire the design you create (i.e. if its about the Yankees use the logo, pin stripes, a baseball diamond, etc. in your design).